Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Ten (plus one) #10

And number 10 is...
Good Enough by Paula Yoo.

Patti is your way above average high school student, but her parents still expect more. She's been concertmaster in the all-state orchestra for three years, and is going for four. She's a straight A student in her A.P. and honors classes at school, and is a member of any club that will have her. Weekend nights are for church youth group and studying for the SAT. Nothing short of HarvardYalePrinceton and becoming a doctor or a lawyer is acceptable for her parents.

Then enters Cute Trumpet Boy, right before her all state orchestra audition. It's not his fault she's only assistant concertmaster in the orchestra (for those of you who don't know this is the second best violin player, and in Patti's case this is the whole state), but he does get Patti thinking about what she wants as opposed to what her parents want!

Patti's senior year in high school is a series of misadventures, and you will find her hysterically honest about her life. She's not the prom queen, and she's not a trouble maker. Patti just wants to make her parents happy, and still be happy herself.

One of my favorite parts of her story was her lists (How to Make your Korean Parents Happy) and Spam recipes (Spam Sushi anyone?). If you are looking for a fun light read this might be your book.

That's number 10! Look for #9 tomorrow, when Megan will be posting!
I'll see you @ the library!
P.S. I was able to hear Paula Yoo speak (the author) this fall, and she is hysterical- she even played her violin for us!