Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Review: Eon, Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman

Whoa, what a thrill ride of a novel!

In the Empire of the Celestial Dragons, there is a hidden, sacred energy world inhabited and controlled by dragons whose power only Dragoneyes can see and channel. Although there are 12 dragons, the 12th, the Mirror Dragon, was lost in an event shrouded in mystery over 500 years before. Each year, one of the 11 dragons rises to power at the New Year, when his Dragoneye chooses a new apprentice from 12 male candidates. This year, the Rat Dragon ascends, and 12-year-old Dragoneye candidate Eon, the only candidate who can see all 11 dragons, is the hope of his Master, Heuris Brannon. Eon, though, is lame, his hip broken in a terrible accident years earlier, and he carries a terrible secret- he is really 16-year-old Eona, a girl in the guise of a boy.

If Eon's secret is discovered, it means instant death at the hands of the Emperor not only for her, but for her Master and his entire household. Eon's desperate hope is to become the next Dragoneye apprentice to the Rat Dragon, although to be chosen would put her at even greater risk of exposure. When the New Year ceremony ends in results not even Eon could have predicted, she finds herself thrust into a struggle for power between the most powerful men in the Empire. Forced to choose sides, Eon finds herself treading a razor-sharp edge between discovery and power, a path she does not know how a lame peasant girl can survive, especially a girl who is supposed to be a boy.

This one's got it all- adventure, hidden mystery, political intrigue, evil villains, heart-pounding desparate chases through the night, awesome sword battles, and, of course, dragons! And, if you're interesting in reading more about how Alison Goodman created the Empire of the Celestial Dragons and other cool author stuff, check out her website!

(who put A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth Bunce on hold to read Eon, but also kind of wants to read Skinned by Robin Wasserman)

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