Saturday, January 17, 2009

Book Review: Me, the Missing, and the Dead by Jenny Valentine

When Lucas meets Violet in the cab office, his life isn't really going so great. His dad disappeared over 5 years ago (was he having an affair? kidnapped? is he dead? no one knows), his mom just wants to escape (but his dad got to first), his sister is doing drugs and has a crap boyfriend, his Granddad is slowly losing his memory to a series of small strokes, his Gran is having a really hard time, and Lucas just wants to know what happened to his dad. Enter Violet Park, who just so happens to be a dead old lady in an urn who's been on the shelf (literally) in the cab office since someone forgot her in a cab around the time his dad disappeared.

When Lucas spies Violet on the cab office shelf, he knows she's trying to tell him something, so he figures out a way to take her home. And when Violet starts popping up everywhere he goes, he knows she's got something important to tell him. Lucas just has to figure out what, especially since it's starting to look like Violet Park just might have the answers to his dad's disappearance... the question is, does he really want to find them?

This is a fantastic guy read- Lucas is funny, real, and down-to-earth, even if he is communicating with an old lady in an urn he found at the cab office, with a kooky family you'll love. A great quick mystery, this one keeps you reading (fast!) to find out who Violet was, what happened to Lucas's dad, and what, if any, connection they had to each other (and Lucas!). Plus, it's one of the Morris award nominees (you know, that award for rookie authors). Check it out @ the library!

(now reading the last Morris, A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce, which Katie loved!)

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