Thursday, January 22, 2009

A letter to Princess Mia Thermopolis

Dear Princess Mia,

I am overjoyed and saddened after reading the last of your adventures in Forever Princess and wonder what will fill the void in my life by not having one of your diaries out about once (or twice) a year.

When I first read The Princess Diaries, you could barely see the potential you had, and in no way did you want to be the leader of a small European principality. Then you started growing up. Sure it wasn't aways easy. There were people telling you what to do and how to do it (Grandmere, and who were they kidding, Julie Andrews?). But you had great friends that were always there for you, making it a fun journey. (Lilly, Michael, Tina, Lana Weinberger??)

What I liked best about your diaries is how true they really are. Sure, I don't know many princesses, but being a princess didn't always mean an easy life. You still had to pass Algebra, and you still had issues with your parents and there were issues with boys. Who hasn't had a fight with their best friend, and can not remember why 2 years later? Or who hasn't had a difficult time trying to figure out which college to go to?

So thank you Meg Cabot, for giving us what is a most satisfying conclusion to the Princess Diaries series. While I am sad it is over, the end left me with that warm fuzzy feeling of a book well done. And I can always read them again, right?

Yours Truly,
Katie (Who is number 9 on the wait list for Ransom My Heart, Mia's new book and senior project. Read Forever Princess first!)

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