Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wii Gaming this Saturday!

A) are a Wii master and others bow before your awesomeness.
B) kind of rock at Wii, but have been known to be beaten. Sometimes.
C) love to play, but kind of suck at video games.
D) rock at PS3 and/or Xbox 360, but have never played Wii.
E) think the library is made of awesome and are up for anything we throw at you guys, even though you've never played video games before. Ever. But you kind of want to.

Whatever your skill level, join us for our first Wii open play this coming Saturday, January 31st at 2:00 PM in the Constitution Room (that's by the fountain)! We've got a Wii, a couple of Wiimotes and nunchucks, Wii Sports and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so grab your friends, your Wiimotes and your Doritos and get over to the library!

Just a few things:

1) You guys are totally welcome to BYO Wiimotes and other Wii controller miscellanea to the open plays, just label or otherwise mark it so you know which one is yours. If you don't have any, we'll have a couple you can use!

2) Please don't BYO games. Sorry, dudes. Even if you do, we can't play 'em.

3) If you think you'll get hungry and/or thirsty, you can totally BYO snacks and soda.

4) If we get a bunch of people, we'll play single elimination, best 2-out-of-3, or league style, depending on numbers and game. Everybody gets plenty of chances to play, masters and newbie alike.

OK! Any more questions, just give the library a call and ask for Megan. See you guys on Saturday!!

(who's totally getting some Wii time in between now and Saturday! I have to perfect my Pikachu lightning skills.)

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