Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love it or Hate it the Booklist: Day 4 Short Stories

It's tonight tonight! West Allis Teens (or Milwaukee County) come to the library for the Love it or Hate it Valentine's day event! From 7-8:30 we will have stations set up in the Constitution room with Valentine crafts. All crafts will have a love it and hate it version!

Because I know you will all be busy tonight at the "Love it or Hate it Valentine's Day" event, here are some short story collections, full of love stories!

Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle share stories that intertwine Christmas love stories. I know it's a bit out of season, but who doesn't love a winter romance! (And seriously look at the three authors, it's like a YA party in a book!)

How they Met and Other Stories by David Levithan Where did you meet? How did you meet? What happened? Are all questions asked in these 18 stories about love, all by David Levithan, who is an excellent author we haven't featured yet on our blog.

Who am I Without Him? by Sharon Flake 10 stories about what else other than love and relationships. From Erkia, the "ghetto girl" who only likes white boys, to the letter of an absentee father to his daughter about boys, relationships and love, you will be able to relate to these urban stories.

Love is Hell Five all star YA authors look at love with a twist. Love is hard in the real world, but add in ghosts, past or future worlds and the difficulties of love are well, you know.

I'll see you tonight at the Love it or Hate it event (7PM Constitution Room) and tune in tomorrow for love gone wrong stories.
Katie (who is ready for some pink cupcakes and glitter crafts!)