Monday, February 16, 2009

Movie Night Vote!

First of all, this is our 100th post, so let's hear a big WHOO-HOO!! Thanks, guys, for giving us so many awesome books, events, contests, and other fun stuff to post about!

OK, the March Movie Night is only a month away, and we need to pick a movie! We want to know what YOU want to watch @ the library, so tell us by voting (just over there, on your right!) for which these is your fave: High School Musical 3, Iron Man, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, or Prince Caspian.

And, for you skeptics who are wondering why you want to come to watch a movie at the library that you can watch at home on DVD, I say, because we've got a fantastic big projector screen and free popcorn, AND we have room for way more of your friends than you can fit in your living room, that's why! If you were at the Twilight prom in November, you know watching that trailer BIG was pretty awesome.

The last day to vote is Wednesday, March 4th, so don't take too long deciding which of these awesome movies you want to watch @ the library!

(who's resisting influencing the vote by casting mine for Nick & Norah!)

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