Friday, February 20, 2009

Wii Open Play Next Saturday!

The next Wii Open Play is next Saturday, February 28th! Join us in the Constitution Room (in the library atrium, near the fountain) from 2-4 PM for some Wii. This month's awesomeness is the arrival of Mario Kart, so we'll have couple of mini-tourneys for you guys! So, here's how it's gonna work:

2-3ish PM Mario Kart
Sign up on Saturday in groups of 4 for a racing extravaganza! Depending on how many of you guys show, your group'll either get to race a cup (4 races) or each group can swap out after each race.

3ish-4 PM Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sign up on Saturday for Brawl match order (4 players to a match). Winner stays in for the next Brawl and the other 3 players swap out for the next three on the list. We'll track your wins, and the 2 players with the most wins will get to have a final battle at 4 PM!

And, a few rules of sportsmanship for Open Play Saturdays that I think everyone will appreciate:
1) Trash talking is a no go, people! It's annoying, it slows down play, and really, come on. If you make the call to trash talk during a game, you're automatically disqualified from the next 2 rounds of play, winner or no.

2) Disrupting other gamers' play also is not cool. So, messing with other gamers' hands, heads, feet, etc. will also result in disqualification from the next 2 rounds.

3) Game pausing seriously slows down play, dudes. Since the whole idea is to PLAY, play! Accidental pauses are totally understandable, but if the host (that's me, folks!) or your competitors feel like you're pausing way too much, on purpose, again, you're out 2 rounds.

A couple of other pieces of general business:

Feel free to BYO snacks and soda!

And, finally, this is a Gaming Saturday for teens, so, sorry, but no Wii moms, dads, uncles, or grandpas, no matter how bad they want to play. Tell your folks to drop you off at the library a little before 2 and pick you up a little after 4, and they get some free time to hang out and do their own thing! Or they can always chill in the library and read some books or check their email. Whatever, but remind them that this is your thing!

OK guys, see you on Saturday!

(who's going to spend my weekend doing some Mario Kart 'research' for work!)

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