Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Taylor Markham was abandoned by her mother when she was 11 years old. Now she is 17 and calls the Jellicoe School her home. As part of a secret tradition she is called upon to lead the school in the turf war against the Townies and Cadets. Taylor has other things on her mind, other than the turf wars, and is hesitant to face Griggs, leader of the Cadets with whom she has a history.

Narnie, Tate, Webb, and Fitz are drawn together by a tragedy. Jude later befriends them, and they spend their days dreaming and building a tree house on Jellicoe Road. The five of them are best friends and they grow up together, even though they are from different backgrounds.

These two stories are separated only by 22 years, and they weave together in book Jellicoe Road. Each story comes out piece by piece, and as you go further into their worlds you will see how they match up and how the past and the present come together.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jellicoe Road, this year's Printz winner! This story starts slow, and ends with a bang. I will rate it five stars, and three Kleenex for it's greatness and "cry" potential. A must read for those of you who like adventure, mystery and great stories well told.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who wonders where everyone was last night? Our next TAG meeting will be in June, so be on the look out for the date and time!)

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