Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Review: Evernight by Claudia Gray

Uprooted from her small hometown and transplanted to Evernight Academy by her parents, who decide she needs to experience more of the world, supershy Bianca wants nothing more than to escape. The huge stone boarding school, with its leering gargoyles and intimidating, wealthy, seemingly perfect, extremely clique-y students seriously creeps her out. But when she runs away on the first day of school and meets gorgeous, fellow outsider Lucas in the dark woods surrounding the school, things start to seem like maybe they won't be so bad after all, even if Bianca knows she's not really Evernight material. But when she sees Lucas again on campus and he gives her the cold shoulder, Bianca is devasted. Deciding that she must have imagined the intense connection between Lucas and herself, Bianca tries to adjust to her new life without him.

With the cold, intimadating, and cruel headmistress (and professor) Mrs. Bethany singling her out for public humiliation in English class, her roommate's BFF Courtney and her minions ostracizing her, and creepy Erich leering at her, things aren't easy for Bianca, especially when her one potential friend, Raquel, confesses that she's terrified of the strange night noises on the roof and is convinced that something evil in the school is stalking the new outsiders. Haunted by nightmares, Bianca, too, can't shake the feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

When Bianca runs into Lucas by chance on the grounds after curfew, the connection between the two becomes more apparent than ever, especially when Lucas reveals that he, too, feels drawn to her. When he tells her that by ignoring her he was only trying to protect her, Bianca realizes that she will do anything to keep him in her life. But when the dark secrets of Evernight begin to reveal themselves, it may not be so easy...

I was absolutely captivated by Evernight. I spent an entire afternoon sunk into this book, following Bianca and Lucas through the gothic maze of Evernight Academy as they uncovered secret after secret about the school, and believe me, there are some excellent twists here. The characters are fabulous, the setting gloomy and gothic, and the story is a total page-turner. Without giving too much away, this one's for fans of urban fantasy by authors like Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr, and Alyson Noel, so check out Evernight @ the library!

(who's going to start Starclimber by Kenneth Oppel when I get home tonight, woot!)

P.S. If you love Evernight as much as I did, check out the sequel, Stargazer- I can't wait for it to come for me!

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