Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Normal" Books

Are you normal? What does that even mean? Here are a few books about teens (and tweens) who are trying to figure out what normal is:

Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor: Addie loves small spaces, which is good because the trailer she is moving into with her mom is small. She would rather be living with her former step-dad and half sisters, but she's not Dwight's, and she still has her mom. With help from new friends from school and the gas station across the street, Addie starts to figure out what she wants, and hopefully she won't have to wait much longer for things to be normal.

Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon: 17-year-old Ben is trouble. After the last run in with the law, he is uprooted from his city life to the middle of nowhere Montana. Life isn't normal out here, but Ben's life hasn't been normal since his dad came out over three years ago. Miss Mae agrees to take the family in, but her rules are law. Trouble seems to find Ben, but you can't help but root for him when he starts to find his own normal in the middle of nowhere.

Deliver us from Normal by Kate Klise: Charles may live in a town called Normal, but his family is anything but. With too many kids, not enough money and too many problems, Charles is embarrassed by his family. After his sister is bullied at school, his parents have had enough. They take the kids out of school, and move to Alabama and live on a house boat. The Harrisongs may not be "normal" but they are off on the adventure of a life time. There is a follow up called Far From Normal, which has more adventures from this crazy family!

Is that normal enough for you?
I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading The Compound by S.A. Boden)

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