Friday, April 10, 2009

Sample Quatrain Poems for the April Poetry Raffle

Today we're featuring the quatrain! For all you guys who've been wondering what the heck a quatrain is, it's a poem, a stanza, or a verse that has 4 lines with a rhyming scheme of some sort, which means that any of the lines can rhyme however you would like them to. All 4 lines can rhyme with each other, or lines 1 and 2 can rhyme differently than 3 and 4. Or, maybe you only want lines 2 and 4 to rhyme, and lines 1 and 3 not at all!

From Joy, we have these three fabulous examples (the one about Superman is my favorite, but then I have a soft spot for comic books and superheroes!):

Superman's a hero
Ready for a fight
And he will always triumph
Unless there's kryptonite!

When I was a child,
"Hoooray for snow!"
Now I have to shovel,
"NO! NO! NO!"

The sun shines through the window
Making a nice warm spot.
The cat lies in the sunshine
Until it gets too hot.

And, today's episode of Twilight Poetry with Katie & Megan:

Sparkle Dazzle
Edward Cullen (sparkle dazzle)
Bella's life you sure do rattle.
Thank you, Mrs. Stephenie Meyer
For giving us a gentle vampire.

Another (unofficial) Ode to Renesmee
Renesmee Cullen, immortal child?
The Volturi show up for one heck of a trial
All are won over by her cute smile
But what if she had been a Charlisle?

Pick up your entry forms at the adult Info desk, and we'll be back tomorrow with our last set of poetry samples!

P.S. The poetry raffle entry form says that lines 2 and 4 of your quatrain must rhyme, which, upon further research on the quirky quatrain, isn't true! As long as you've got 4 lines and some sort of rhyming scheme, you're good to go.

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