Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book Review: Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr

Life kinda sucks when your girlfriend's an immortal faery. And not just any faery, but the Summer Queen.

Ever since Aislinn became queen of the faerys she once feared, Faerie has been unstable. The Summer Court is weak with a new Queen, not to mention a King whose power has been unbound for the first time in centuries. Both the Winter and the Dark Courts have new rulers as well, with Beira slain and Irial passing his power down to the one fairy who did not want it. A few things have not changed, though- Bananach, the raven war fairy, is still doing her best to stir up a war. The Summer King still can't decide if he wants Donia (the Winter Queen) or Aislinn. And Seth still loves Aislinn, even though his mortality prevents him from ever really becoming a part of her world.

Seth and Aislinn both want nothing more than eternity together, but none of the court rulers are willing to give Seth what it takes to make him fey. When Bananach approaches Seth with a proposition that may grant him the immortality he so fiercely desires, he faces a decision that may impact not just his own fragile eternity with Aislinn, but the entire world of Faerie. Seth must decide if his love for Aislinn is worth the risk of causing a faerie war - especially when the cost of his mortality is revealed.

Melissa Marr just keeps getting better and better! Reading her stories of wicked lovely, dark faerys is like falling under an enchantment that can't be lifted until the last page has been turned. This one ends in a way that makes me think there will definately be more stories starring Aislinn, Seth, Keenan and Donia, so keep an eye on Melissa Marr's blog - I know I will be! If you haven't read Wicked Lovely, be sure to check it out first.

(still reading Tithe by Holly Black, another fabulous tale of modern faerie)

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