Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Review: Mexican White Boy by Matt de la Pena

Danny is off to National City to live with his dad's family for the summer. Danny doesn't talk much, or even fit in with the rest of the family. Of course, they all look like his father who is from Mexico and speak a mixture of English and Spanish. Danny looks light skinned compared to them, and never learned Spanish. Of course, at his prep school in San Diego he looks more like Mexican workers than the students at the school.

Uno is set to win all of the home run derbies this summer in National City, and is doing just that until Sophia puts money on her outsider cousin Danny. He wants to raise $500 so he can go live with his dad in Oxnard. He applied for jobs, but so far no one wants to hire him. He's okay at baseball, but is nothing compared to Danny's natural skill at the game.

Baseball is what make Uno and Danny become friends, and both have more in common than they initially thought. This is a fast paced read that keeps you right in the home run, money making, family trouble action, with maybe just a little side of romance.

Mexican Whiteboy is recommended for fans of baseball, books by Chris Crutcher and for those of you who may be grateful this is not another pink covered book that has to do with vampires or girls.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters, the next book in the Generation Dead series!)

PS If you like Mexican Whiteboy, check out Matt de la Pena's first book, Ball Don't Lie.