Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Reading: Prizes

So you've read 4 books (or 40). You've filled out your reading log completely. You brought the reading log back to the library before August 10, and you made sure your library card is up to date and your fines are under $5. Now what?

You are now eligible to win all of our fantastic summer reading prizes! This summer we have at least three ways for you to win awesome prizes:

1.) Major prizes will be drawn for at the End of Summer Reading Party on August 13th. We will have 8 $25 gift cards for places you want to go. The more you read the more chances you have to win! (Oh, you can only win one of the gift cards; this is just to be fair!)

2.) Every week we will be drawing for two paperback books. We'll take all the entry logs from the week, and on Friday draw a couple of winners. Don't worry, we'll put your name back in for the end of summer reading prizes.

3.) Come to our events! These are things we've collected all year just for summer reading, and it might be a book or tickets to someplace fun. Some might be door prizes, and others may be awards. You'll have to show up to win!

If you have any questions about Teen Summer Reading give the library a call, or stop in and ask!
I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who is hoping to read the new Percy Jackson book this weekend!)