Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wii Open Play this Saturday!

Join us in the this Saturday, July 25th from 2-4 PM in the Constitution Room (in the atrium, by the fountain) for some Nintendo-style racing and brawling!

2PM: Mario Kart
Practice up for the tournament in August! Sign up at the door for player order. Instead of relay teams, you guys'll be racing single-player versus each other (I think I need to do some, er, research tonight!). If you've got a wheel, bring it along- we've only got three!

3ish PM: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sign up at the door for player order. 4 players to each 3-minute brawl, winner stays in, losers swap out, and I'll track your wins! There just might be a candy bar involved for whoever ends up with the most wins...

I've got plenty of Wiimotes, and since it's an Open Play, you guys can go ahead and BYO Wiimotes, Wii wheels, and other miscellaneous controllers. Also, feel free to bring whatever soda and snacks you want.

And, just FYI, as always the following will result in being DQ'd from the next 2 rounds of play in either MK or SSB Brawl:
1) Excessive trash talking.
2) Purposely disrupting other gamers’ play.
3) Excessive, on-purpose game pausing.
4) Refusing to let the next gamer play when it is his/her turn.

You'll also be able to pre-register for the August 29th Mario Kart tournament. See you Saturday!

(who is stoked for an intense Mario Kart research session with Peach and Luigi tonight!)

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