Monday, August 31, 2009

And the Champion is...

Thanks to all you guys who came out on Saturday to compete in our end-of-summer Mario Kart tournament!

After a more than a couple very close, heart-pounding races, Matt and Zachary competed for the 2nd Runner-Up, with Zachary taking 1st for the $10 gift card.

And, for the Championship round, Anthony and Brandon took on the Rainbow Road, with Brandon continuing his solid 1st place finishing record to take the Championship and the $25 gift card, and Anthony taking home the title of 1st Runner-Up and the $15 gift card.

Love to play Wii but couldn't make it on Saturday? Never played Wii and worried you weren't quite ready for competition? Then head to the library the last Saturday in September and join us for some open play! You can take a break from homework to work on your Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. skills on the big screen.

Congratulations again to Brandon, Anthony, and Zachary!


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