Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Grace doesn't remember much about the day she was attacked by the wolves, but she does remember the yellow-eyed wolf that saved her that day. For the last six years, she has watched him haunt the woods bordering her house every winter, watching her.

Sam doesn't have much time left. Wolf in the winter, he has always watched Grace, the girl he saved from his pack, from the safety of the trees. Human for a shorter time with each passing summer, he knows he can't tell her who he really is, not when this summer will be his last.

When a local boy, Jack, is attacked and killed by the wolves, the residents of Grace's small Minnesota town are uneasy. When some local men, including Grace's father, begin hunting the wolves down, she is frantic to stop them. When she finds yellow-eyed Sam alone in the woods, hurt, shivering, and human, she knows he's something... more. Together, they enjoy every moment they have, just being human, together, for the first time in six years. But when Jack's body goes missing from the morgue, Grace and Sam must use the little time they have together to find out what happened to him.

How do you protect the one you love from himself? As Grace fights against the inevitably of losing Sam to the cold, the woods, and the wolf inside him, you'll be hoping just as desperately as she is that she'll find a way to be with him. Sad, sweet, and at times heart-achingly beautiful, this is one to savor. If you're a fan of Stephenie Meyer, Alyson Noel, and Melissa Marr, or if you just love a beautifully written story of two people overcoming the impossible to be together, this one's for you!

(Impatiently waiting for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the sequel to The Hunger Games, to be published September 1!)

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