Friday, August 28, 2009

Mario Kart Tournament This Saturday!

Celebrate the last weekend of summer by heading to the library tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th for the summer-ending Mario Kart Tournament! The tournament will begin at 2 PM in the Constitution Room (in the atrium, by the fountain) and will run until around 4 PM. Doors will open a few minutes before 2 PM.

Pre-registration is available at the adult Information desk until 1 PM on Saturday or you can register at the door from around 1:55 PM until the Qualifying Round has been finished.

Prizes are game store gift cards- $25 to the champion, $15 to the 1st runner-up and $10 to the 2nd runner-up.

More info on game play, bracketing and rules tomorrow!

(who is rushing straight home to get some gaming in before the Packers play tonight!)

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