Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Review: Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee

Maybelline Mary Katherine Mary Ann Chestnut, resident of Kissimmee, Florida, daughter of charm school founder and former Miss Florida Chessamay Chestnut Abajian Wing Marshall Wing Sinclair Alvarez, is not surprised when Chessy announces that she's engaged to what will be her 7th husband, Jake Himmler, bowler, Piggly Wiggly manager, and first class creep. Maybe (as she likes to be called) is surprised when her mom chooses Jake's lies over her truth.

Enter Hollywood and Ted (short for Thammasat Tantipinichwong Schneider), Maybe's best friends. Hollywood, aka Daniel Jones, is an aspiring filmmaker, soon-to-be USC film school college student who never goes anywhere without his Super 8 camera - Maybe doesn't even notice when he's filming her anymore. Ted is just, well, Ted - the only thing known to successfully shut him up is watching Hollywood's films. Maybe loves him though, and his family- she can always count on Ted and his parents to take her in when Chessy's drinking.

Furious when Chessy believes Jake's lies, Maybe decides she's going to L.A. to live with her dad, the only guy Chessy didn't marry, and Hollywood's her ride to California. Too bad Maybe doesn't exactly know who her dad is - all she's got is a photo of him she stole from Chessy's closet, his first name (Gunnar), and the fact that he works somewhere in Hollywood. With Ted along for the ride, a little money, a lot of anger, and no real plan, Maybe takes off to L.A. to find her dad.

What happens when Maybe gets to L.A.? How do an aging, reclusive film star, a taco truck, a Rolls-Royce, one of Chessy's ex-husbands, platform shoes, a fortune teller, a dorm night security guard, and one stunner of a documentary film pull together to help Maybe figure things out? To find out, you'll have to check out Absolutely Maybe @ the library! Laugh-out-loud funny, and at times just as guaranteed to break your heart, you'll love to follow Maybe, Hollywood and Ted as they figure out what to do with L.A., life, and each other in Lisa Yee's newest fun, fantastic read.

(now reading Geektastic, a collection of short stories about everything geeky by some of my favorite authors - including Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, John Green, David Levithan, Sara Zarr, and Lisa Yee!)

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