Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Immortals Update

Last week, Alyson Noel posted on her blog that the publication date of the 3rd book in the Immortals series had been moved up from January 2010 to 11.24.09. Well, good news - you can all eat your turkey with your family instead of with Ever and Damen, because the pub date's been moved up again - look for Shadowland on 11.17.09!

And, more Immortals excitement, the previously untitled 4th Immortals book now has a title... Dark Flame!

For more info on Shadowland, the Immortals, and Alyson Noel, go check out yesterday's awesome interview over on YA author Elizabeth Scott's blog, including the Shadowland back cover summary. Ever connecting with a guy named Jude, who is of course a gorgeous, mysterious stranger, while she works on the curse inflicted on Damen at the end of Blue Moon? I'm having a tingly fangirl moment here!!

(Who'd like to point out that, though super exciting, this news has provided me with quite the conundrum - the new Star Trek movie also comes out on DVD 11.17! Yes, I'm a geek.)

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