Monday, September 28, 2009

Rules for the Teen Book Reveiw Contest

Official Rules for the West Allis Public Library Teen Book Reveiw Contest

1. Reviews must be received by the West Allis Public Library between 10/1/2009-10/31/2009.
Book reviews may be turned in at the library or by e-mail to:

2. Book Review Contest is open to Milwaukee County Residents between the ages of 12 and 18 or in grades 6-12.

3. Please include the following information with your review:
Name (First and Last), grade in school or age, phone number, and address

4. Book Reviews must be between 100 and 500 words long.
Book reviews in less than 100 words or more than 500 words will not be eligible for the drawing or posted on the blog.

5. Reviews must be original work of the author. You may quote the book, but the review must be your words, and not copied from another source.

6. Reviews must be written about books that would be of interest to an audience in 6th-12th grade. Books do not have to be from the Young Adult/ YA/ Teen collection. Books do not need to be library books. Books that are either Children’s or Adults must be appropriate for a teen audience. Reviews written about picture books, early readers and board books will disqualified. Adult Collection books and Juvenile novels will be considered for the contest. Books that have to be read for school are acceptable to review.

7. Three winners will be chosen based on merit of the book review, as judged by the West Allis Public Library Teen Librarians. Other library staff may be involved in the decision as well. Reviews winning due to merit will be posted on the WAPL Teen blog under the author’s first name. West Allis Public Teen Librarians will have final say in which three winners will be published on the blog.

8. Three additional winners will be picked at random from all qualified entrees.

9. You may enter as many times for as many different titles you can write reviews, however you may only win one of the six prizes.

10. A Book Review Writing Workshop will be held on October 20th from 7-8:30 PM for teens wishing to work on reviews, get tips and share with peers. Attendance at this workshop is not necessary to win, nor will it guarantee winning one of the prizes.

11. There is no correct format for the book reviews, as long as they fit above stipulations. Please include title and author information to identify the book.