Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teen Book Review Contest Tip #1

The Book Review Contest is underway. Are you working on your book reviews yet?

You have all of October to write and submit your reviews. Three winners will be picked randomly, and three reviews will be chosen for publication on the blog. All winning reviews will get a writers kit, complete with journal, book bag, coffee/tea/coco mug and other writing surprises! (Here's a link to the blog entry with the complete rules for the Book Review Contest) .

I'll be posting tips for writing book reviews on the blog once or twice a week, so you can write the best reviews possible. There is also a Writing Workshop on October 20th at 7PM. I'll have some more book review tips, and you'll have a chance to share your reviews with other teens to see what they think. (Just a note, you can bring other writing to share and work on. The Writing Workshop is not just for book review writing.)

Tip #1: Choose the book(s) you review carefully.

You'll want to pick a book that you enjoyed reading, and that you think other people will enjoy as well. The book doesn't have to be your favorite book, or the best book you ever read, it just has to be a book you want to share with other people. Also, think about how many other people have heard of the book. Is it a best seller? Is it an older book? Ask your self questions like this before you start writing. Remember, you are reviewing the book to convince people to read it, so think about reviewing a book that other teens might not know about. Choosing the right book to review will be the first step in making sure you have the best review possible!

Keep writing, and I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Currently reading Viola in Reel Life with Going Bovine on deck)