Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teen Book Review Contest: Tip #4

Here's one last tip for all you teen book reviewers. Are you still working, writing at the (almost) last minute? Remember, we need all of the reviews in by midnight on October 31st. You can bring your reviews in print to the West Allis Public Library Adult Information desk, or e-mail them to

Tip #4: Think about readers who would like to read your book

A great way to conclude your book review is by recommending it to readers who like a certain type of book. Is this a book that Twilight fans would love (or should avoid)? Is this a book that reads just like a book by Sarah Dessen? Let your readers know if the books reminds you of another author, or another book you read. Think about how many books you have read because someone said it was similar or just like a book you loved?

By giving your readers some idea of what the book is like, they might decide that this is a book for them to check out. It doesn't even have to be as specific as a book- you can even say that your book is for fans of fantasy, or realistic fiction (make sure it is something your book is really like though, you don't want to trick your readers). The more readers you can convince to read the book you are reviewing the better.

Back to writing! You've still got 7 days to e-mail or drop off your book reviews! (Did I mention the awesome prizes? Writers kits, gift cards, and getting your review published on this very blog).

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who's very excited about reading all of your awesome book reviews!)