Monday, November 23, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Thanks to all you guys who turned out at the SSB Brawl Tournament on Saturday! With 22 gamers, we had a record number of contenders, and so many tie-breakers, I wasn't sure if a Champion was going to make him/herself known.

Brandon C. and Corbin brawled for the 2nd Runner-Up, and the $10 Game Stop gift card. It was close, but Brandon took home the title and the gift card!

Chris and Tanner brawled for the Champion title, with Tanner taking home the title of 1st Runner-Up, and the $15 Game Stop gift card.

Which means that Chris beat out 21 other gamers to take home the title of Tournament Champion, the glory, and the $25 Game Stop gift card!

Awesome gaming, guys.

I also want to congratulate you all on your excellent sportsmanship - I was very impressed by your brawling skills, and even more so by the way you took your win or loss. I had a blast, and I can't wait to see you guys all back in the new year for our next round of open plays and tournaments! Fliers with winter gaming dates and times will be available in the library in January, with our first open play of the year scheduled for Saturday, 1.30.09.

(who is still charging the Wiimote batteries from all the hard work they put in on Saturday!)

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