Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Moon Gala Tickets Available Monday!

New Moon Gala tickets will be available tomorrow, Monday, November 2nd!

Wait a minute, what's the New Moon Gala? In case you've missed the huge orange sign in the atrium, it's an awesome party @ the library to celebrate the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon! On Thursday, November 19th at 7PM, we'll be playing the soundtrack, showing a slide show of movie stills, screening the trailers and clips, raffling off some awesome New Moon prizes, and playing some intense trivia for even more prizes. So, before you go to the theater to get in line for the midnight show (I've had my tickets since September, how about you?), amp up the anticipation with us - and maybe take home a prize or two. Oh yes, and did I mention that there will be cake? New Moon cake!

Here's the stuff to know about getting your Gala ticket:
1. Tickets are FREE! But there are a limited number. The Twilight Prom sold out last year, so get your New Moon Gala ticket early!
2. Tickets are available at the adult Information desk (in the middle of the library).
3. Tickets are required for entry to the Gala on the 19th. IF the Gala does not sell out early, you will be able to get one at the door.
4. You have to come to the library to get your Gala ticket - no phone reservations.
5. When you come in, you can sign yourself and one friend up. So, if there are 6 of you planning to come, at least 3 of you will need to come in to sign up.
6. Your parents or guardians can sign you up for the Gala if you can't make it to the library.

Also, we'll be revealing what the raffle prizes will be exclusively on the blog later this month, so stay tuned...

See you @ the library!

(who can't believe it's FINALLY November!!!)

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