Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teen Book Review Contest: The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire

Today we feature another winning Teen Book Review by Camille:

Book Review The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire by Kirsten Larsen
by Camille

The book that I read was The Rise and Fall of the Kate Empire. The book is very interesting and has a lot to do with how teens act today, for example, Lizzie and Kate don't like one another Kate is stuck up and snobby and is on the cheerleading squad, and Lizzie is just a regular school girl doing her normal routine. Teens act like way in the world today everybody is not going to like everybody you are going to have enemies here and there and that's normal. Everybody has to learn to get along and in this book Lizzie and Kate come together when Kate breaks her ankle in cheerleading and becomes a geek so Lizzie helps her out like what a good friend should do. until in the end when Kate becomes stronger she goes back to her normal crowd and attitude, but that doesn't bother Lizzie all she cares about is she did something nice for someone rather there friends or not. You can learn a lot from Lizzie she sends you a good message. Lizzie Mcguire books interests me and my personality. Also they show you how you feel and act towards others. I really enjoyed sharing you my review of this book.

Thanks for writing a great book review Camille!