Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Review: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Maragaret Stohl

Ethan Wait has spent his entire life in small, southern Gatlin, South Carolina - a place where the Civil War is remembered as the War of Northern Agression, where everybody knows everybody else and nothing ever changes, and where newcomers are most definately not welcome. He can't wait to get out, especially since his mom died in a tragic car accident the year before, and his dad is now a shadow that only emerges from his library, and his grief, for the occasional bowl of shredded wheat.

And then there are the dreams.

Dreams of a girl Ethan's never seen, a girl who screams as she falls through his fingers, drowing in dirt, a girl he's desperate to save, a girl he's in love with. Every morning, he wakes with dirt in his sheets, his wrists bruised and scratched from where she tried to hold on, but couldn't.

Until the morning Ethan wakes with a mysterious song he's never heard of on his iPod. A song he can't get out of his head. Until he gets to school, and the whole student body is buzzing with the news - there's a new girl, the niece of town shut-in Macon Ravenwood. She's gorgeous, she's strange, and she's definately not welcome. And when Ethan first lays eyes on Lena Duchannes, he knows he's sunk, because she's the girl from his dreams.

Lena clearly isn't interested in getting to know anyone, especially Ethan. But, drawn like a moth to an especially bright flame, he can't stay away. When the two discover an old locket that unlocks visions of the past, Lena can no longer deny their connection, or continue to resist Ethan's pull on her. But Lena, and her family, hold dark secrets, secrets that will reveal their terrible power on Lena's rapidly approaching 16th birthday. When Ethan discovers what Lena truly is, and what she has the potential to become, will their love for each other be enough to keep Lena safe from her future?

Nominated for the Morris Award for first-time authors, Beautiful Creatures was a paranormal romance you won't be able to resist sinking into. Told from Ethan's point of view, you'll love to watch as he falls for Lena, a girl whose family has been cursed with magic gone horribly dark since the Civil War. With magic galore, a mystery to be unlocked, doomed romance, a secret library beneath the earth (and it's awesome librarian!), mean girls, shape-shifters, an eerily human dog (for you lit geeks, ironically named Boo Radley!), and two sets of star-crossed lovers, Beautiful Creatures is full of all the things I love to love.

(who just finished devouring Ash by Malinda Lo, another Morris nominee and one of the most gorgeously written books I have ever read!)

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