Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book Review: Fat Cat by Robin Brande

Mr. Fitzer's Special Topics in Research Science class is legendary. This is the class that can make or break a career in science research. Those who do well end up with college offers from MIT, Duke and Harvard. Those who fail end up in no name labs wishing they could have done better.

Cat is ready for the challenge, all right, epically since her former best friend Matt McKinney is her main competition. When Cat goes up to blindly choose the picture that will shape the course of her research and the next seven months, she hears Matt laughing, surly at the fact that her butt has only gotten bigger over the summer. Her picture? Naked hominids. Naked hominids standing around raw meat, stealing it from hyenas. That's when inspiration hits- what if she could look like that woman, not thin but athletic, and definitely not fat?

What is Cat to do, other than decide she will live like prehistoric humans . No more Diet Cokes and Snickers bars, no more surfing the net or watching TV. Her best friend and mom think she will fail (or end up in the hospital). But Cat knows this is do or die- she can't lose this competition to Matt, again, and if she can lose a few pounds in the process of winning, how can that be a bad thing?

Cat's observations over the course of the experiment run from the pain and suffering of caffeine withdraw, to the fact that Cat goes from being "fat" to a knockout, garnering the attention of many young men (including former friend and current nemesis Matt).

Reading about Cat's adventures in natural eating, her enforced exercise and her great transformation are hysterical and honest. Whether you are happy with the way you look, or think you need a complete make over, Cat's transformation inside and out is one that you will support. She's not just doing this to be a size eight pretty girl (but wouldn't that be nice). Cat's doing this for science, and maybe a little bit for herself.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Hoping to finish Almost Perfect and Marcello in the Real World before the new year!)