Friday, January 29, 2010

Wii Open Play this Saturday!

Come kick off the 2010 Wii season with an Open Play in the library Constitution Room (in the atrium, by the fountain) this Saturday, January 30, at 2PM!

Sign up for player order at the door, and we'll start with Mario Kart at 2PM, and brawl with Super Smash Brothers at 3PM. Four players to a round, with the winner staying in and picking the next track/stage, and the three losers swapping out to the next three gamers on the list. I'll track your wins, and the gamers with the most at MK and SSBB take home a small prize of some sort that I'll be shopping for tonight!

You guys are welcome to BYO Wiimotes, nunchuks, wheels, other controllers, snacks and soda - and your friends too. Not too many rules for the Open Play - just come ready to race, brawl, and game with a good attitude.

See you on Saturday!

(who has spent waaay too much time lately playing the new Super Mario Brothers game on my Wii at home!)

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