Monday, February 1, 2010

Bibliolympics Alpine Event Trivia (medium difficulty)

Find the answers to the trivia questions below for a chance to win a 2010 Olympics prize! When you’re done, turn your answers in to the adult Information desk or email your answers to by Sunday, February 28, 2010.

1) Who was the first athlete to win five individual gold Olympic medals?

2) The biathlon requires two skills, cross country skiing and _______.

3) What four Winter Olympics events are held indoors?

4) Who won the only gold medal for the United States in the 1968 Winter Olympics?

5) Prince Albert of Monaco has competed in which Winter Olympics event?

6) Which West Allis athlete carried the American flag in the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony?

7) Which Winter Olympics events involve skiing through a series of gates?

8) Which Winter Olympics event requires the use of a “stone”?

All trivia MUST be returned to the adult Info desk at the library OR emailed to no later than Sunday, February 28.

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