Monday, February 1, 2010

Bibliolympics Matterhorn Event Trivia (hard/expert level)

Find the answers to the trivia questions below for a chance to win a 2010 Olympics prize! When you’re done, turn your answers in to the adult Information desk or email your answers to by Sunday, February 28, 2010.

1) What was the nickname of British ski jumper Michael Edwards?

2) Who was the first African-American athlete to win an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics?

3) Which country has won more gold medals at the Winter Olympics than any other country?

4) Who is the most successful American female Olympic athlete?

5) Which Olympic figure skater’s skating dresses were designed and sewn by her mother?

All trivia MUST be returned to the adult Info desk at the library OR emailed to no later than Sunday, February 28.

Want more? Pick up the Bunny Hill (easy) and Alpine (medium) Event Trivia for two more chances to win!

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