Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

The shadows have haunted Luce ever since she can remember. Hovering on the edges of her vision, appearing near trees and water, Luce makes a point of avoiding the places they have appeared.

When her not-quite-boyfriend is killed in a mysterious fire, Luce can't remember anything about it. Unable to help the police, Luce falls under suspicion and is sent to Sword & Cross, a reform boarding school in Savannah, Georgia, where pretty much everything is banned, including cell phones. Luce is absolutely miserable. Cut off from her parents, her best friend Callie, and the rest of the world, Luce can't even take refuge in her classes - the run-down school and its teachers are little more than a joke to a girl who used to go to the best college prep school in the country.

When she meets Arriane, Penn, and Cam, things start looking up a little. Arriane is flippantly friendly, Penn is fun, earnest, and the only non-con at the school, and Cam is cute with intense green eyes and definately interested in Luce.

And then Luce locks eyes with Daniel Grigori. Golden and gorgeous, almost too perfect, Luce can't shake the feeling that they've met before. She also can't take her eyes off him - until he meets her eyes with his own... and flips her off. Shaken, confused and embarrassed, Luce can't figure Daniel out. She also can't stop thinking about him. More chance encounters with Daniel - in the library, at a party - only leave Luce more confused. One minute Daniel seems affected by the eerily familiar attraction she feels drawing them together, and the next he clearly wants nothing to do with her.

But when it seems as though maybe Daniel can see the shadows too, even control them, Luce knows something is happening. Especially when the shadows start to behave in ways they never have before. The thing she doesn't know is why the shadows have suddenly become so bold, what could be stirring them up, and what the mysterious Daniel Grigori could possibly have to do with it all.

Deeply atmospheric, the tangled kudzu, misty Sword & Cross cemetary, and smouldering tension that builds between Luce, Daniel, and Cam until the final battle will leave you breathless. Haunting, mysterious, and intense, you'll be frantically flipping pages 'til you reach the end of this gothic romance, and then you'll be flipping for more. Not to worry, Fallen is the first in a planned series of four, with the second, Torment, scheduled to be out this September!

(finally making time for the fourth Blue Bloods book, The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz, this week!)

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