Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Review: Anxious Hearts by Tucker Shaw

Eva is bored in English class. Her teacher is forcing them to read poetry. She would rather be in Biology, or gym or anywhere but here. When Mr. Denis calls on Gabe, who is not paying any attention at all...

Gabriel can not wait until he is married to Evangeline tomorrow. He watches her do her daily chores knowing that he should just wait until tonight to see her with their fathers. He is honored and excited to be married to such a beautiful woman, and is ready to build a home with her. His love and steadfast courting won her heart, and tomrrow can not come soon enough.

Eva is upset that Gabe can't pay attention in class, they used to be friends and of course she remembers today, her mother's birthday. Her mother who passed away years ago, much like Gabe's mother. Fast friends at a young age the two grew apart, and now he embarrasses her one more time writing her name over and over in a journal that his teacher reads aloud to the whole classroom.

Separated by hundreds of years, the stories of Eva and Gabe, and Gabriel and Evangeline are intertwined with loss, separation and love. Eva and Gabriel take turns telling their side of the story and their desire to hold on to their true love.

Coming in May 2010*, Anxious Hearts takes the classic Longfellow poem, Evangeline, and tells both a historical and modern take on the story. Fans of contemporary and historical romance will love this story of two sets of star crossed teens.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Still reading Some Girls Are)

*Thanks to the publisher for sending us an Advanced Reader's Copy of Anxious Hearts!