Friday, March 5, 2010

Book Review: The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

Grace Divine has always been the good girl - it's hard not to be when you're the pastor's daughter. But when Daniel shows up in her art class after disappearing from her home, and her life, three years ago, everything changes.

Four years ago, Daniel came to live with Grace's family, abandoned by his mother after his abusive father left them. A year later he vanished, the same night the stained glass windows in the church were destroyed by a mysterious accident, the same night Grace's brother Jude came home bruised and bloody. The night Jude refuses to talk about. All Grace knows is that Daniel used to be her best friend, and now that he's back, he needs her help. Even if her parents warn her to stay away from him, and Jude is furious with her for even talking to Daniel. No one will tell her why, but they all seem to think he's dangerous. Grace doesn't think he's dangerous - but she does know that he's not the boy he was. He's something... more.

When strange, violent things begin to happen, first in the city and then closer to home, Grace doesn't see how it could have anything to do with Daniel's return. Pets disappearing, then people. And then Grace's favorite parishioner, elderly Maryanne Duke, is found dead outside her apartment, apparently mauled by some kind of wild animal. And that's just the beginning.

Grace knows that if she can just figure out what happened the night Daniel disappeared, she might be able to get to the bottom of what's happening now. Why are her parents, and Jude, so afraid of Daniel? What could he have to do with the strange disappearances and deaths? And how can Grace possibly choose between her family and the boy she may be falling in love with?

Dark, lushly romantic, deeply absorbing, and with a deadly family secret at its heart, this paranormal romance grabs hold and doesn't let go. You'll find yourself frantically flipping pages to find out what happens next as Grace, Daniel and Jude each fight for what they believe is truly divine. If you loved Hush Hush, Fallen, the Immortals books, or, of course, the Twilight Saga, you've got to check out The Dark Divine!

(who can't wait to get started on Captivate, the sequel to Need by Carrie Jones!)

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