Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review: Darklight by Lesley Livingston

It's been six months since Kelley fell in love with Sonny, a changeling and one of the Janus Guard, an elite fighting force that protect the Samhain Gate to the Otherworld (which is rather inconveniently located in Central Park). Six months since she found out she's actually the daughter of Auberon, Faerie King of Winter, and Mabh, Faerie Queen of Autumn and Chaos. Six months since Auberon freed the Wild Hunt from their ancient slumber, and Kelley had to bargain away half her faerie heritage to stop the Hunt and save the world. Six months since Sonny was sent back to the Otherworld to track down the rogue faeries of the Hunt.

Kelley misses Sonny terribly, but she knows he has a job to do. Instead, she focuses on rehearsing for her new play, hanging out with the remaining Janus Guard, getting used to her new faerie powers, and trying to keep her faerie mother from meddling in her life, which isn't easy when Mabh keeps showing her disturbing images of a ruthless, violent Sonny. Images that are starting to make Kelley wonder how well she really knows the boy she loves.

Sonny, for his part, is stuck in the Otherworld, performing a gruesome, exhausting task that he hates. All he wants is to get home to New York, and to Kelley. And to stay away from Mabh, who decides to show up and tease him with images of Kelley wrapped in the arms of the Fennrys Wolf, one of the Janus Guard.

When an encounter with a particularly vindictive leprechaun in Central Park sends Kelley and Fennrys hurtling through a rift into the Otherworld, and straight into the arms of Sonny, it's only the beginning. Though Kelley and Sonny are reunited, their joy is cut short by a whole lot of problems. Something the leprechaun did has Kelley's clover charm, the one that is the path to her power, stuck so that she can no longer access her magick. Auberon is seriously ill, maybe even dying, and no one knows why. The leprechaun is still tracking them, and now he's really, REALLY angry. And there's something strange and new about Sonny - something that has the faeries almost... afraid of him.

Darklight is the sequel to Wondrous Strange, but even if you haven't read it (or, like me, you read it a long time ago and don't quite remember what happened!), Lesley Livingston does a great job of catching you up. Dark, mysterious, and alluring, you'll be cheering for Kelley and Sonny as they fight against impossible odds to be together. All you fans of Holly Black, Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, and dark faerie tales, add Lesely Livingston to your list of must-reads!

(now reading the traveling librarians' ARC of Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr - and it's sooooo deliciously good!)

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