Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review: Heist Society by Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop has just pulled the biggest con of her career - gaining entrance to the world's most exclusive private boarding school, Colgan Academy, the day before the start of term. She planned on it being her last con - her ticket out of her family of art thieves, out of 'the life,' into a normal one. Until she's expelled for pulling the perfect prank - except, this time, she didn't do it.

When Kat is met at the gates by Hale, she knows her con has just been undone by a bigger one. Kat first met billionaire Hale when she broke into his house to steal a Vermeer, and they've been together ever since. Until she walked out on her family, and Hale, to steal an education from Colgan. But when Hale tells her that five paintings were stolen from reknowned criminal gangster Arturo Taccone (NOT a nice guy), and Taccone has only one suspect - Kat's dad - Kat knows there's one more job she has to do.

Kat flies to Paris to confront her father. He tells her that it was impossible for him to have stolen Taccone's paintings, because he was pulling a heist in Paris at the same time Taccone's paintings were stolen in Italy. But Taccone doesn't believe Kat, or her dad, and he gives her two weeks to return his stolen paintings - or else she'll be short one father. There's only one thing Kat can do - figure out who stole the paintings, assemble a team, and steal them back.

Follow Kat and her jet-setting friends and relatives to New York, Paris, Italy, and London as they race against the clock to save her dad and pull of the heist of lifetime. Fun, fast, and fabulous, Gallagher Girls author Ally Carter's new book is James Bond, chick-lit style. With gadgets galore, awesome art, and one crazy family, you'll love to indulge in Heist Society.

(now reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - check out Katie's review for more info on this stunning read!)