Friday, April 23, 2010

SSB Brawl Scrimmage Saturday!

Join us on Saturday at 2 PM in the Constitution Room (in the atrium, by the fountain) for our final SSB Brawl Spring Scrimmage!

April's scrimmage is Wildcard Items, which means that all the unpredictable items will be turned on - if it can backfire on you (or your opponents), it'll appear! Also on will be all the items that you can smash to release other items, so there'll be a plethora of crates and barrels.

No need to sign up in advance, so just come a few minutes before 2 PM to get signed up for gamer order at the door. We'll play a couple of 4-player warm-up rounds (no eliminations), and then the scrimmage will be 2-player rounds, double elimination. The length of brawls will depend on the number of gamers.

Remember, you do NOT have to have played in any of the other scrimmages to game on Saturday. And, even though scrimmage gamers earn advance points that'll seat you higher in the June 5 tournament, you do NOT have to play in the June tournament to game. The only rule for gamers is that you've gotta be a teen between the ages of 12 and 18, or in grades 6-12.

And, all y'all are welcome to BYO controllers and snacks - see you on Saturday!


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