Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Review: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

Calla knows she shouldn't have saved the hiker on the mountain. She definately shouldn't have given him her blood, and there's no way she should have shifted into her wolf in front of him. But what were the odds that the beautiful boy who smells like spring grass was going to show up in class on Monday?

Shay Doran is human, which means he's off limits to Calla and the rest of her Nightshade pack of Guardians. Especially since Calla's promised to Ren, alpha of the Bane pack. Their union is set for Halloween. Chosen by the Keepers to be the leaders of a new pack that will guard a cave hiding more than one dark secret, a cave on the same mountain she first met Shay, Calla's destiny is set. The fact that she desperately wants Shay to kiss her doesn't matter. It can't.

But then the Keepers ask Calla, Ren, and their packs to befriend and watch over Shay, and Calla especially is commanded to spend more time with Shay. Calla can't figure out why a human boy is involved with the Keepers, but even more mystifying is why Shay isn't terrified of them - most humans instinctively shy away from the Guradians. When Shay brings Calla a forbidden medival text from his Guardian uncle's library, a book containing a history of the Keepers and Guardians that contradicts everything Calla has ever believed, Calla knows there's no turning back. Together, she and Shay must work against the clock to discover what's being kept from them - a dark mystery that, once revealed, could destroy everyone and everything they love.

One of the best new paranormal romances I've read this year, Nightshade puts a whole new spin on the werewolf. Debut novelist Andrea Cremer has created a magical world for her shifters that exists side-by-side with the human one, with an ancient, secret history. Dark, lush, and thrilling, this seductive, suspenseful tale of shifting and torn alliances, pack bonds, family devotion, and sweet, swoon-worthy romance will have you reading late into the night!

(now devouring Paranormalcy by Kiersten White)

P.S. Check out the Nightshade website for tons of fun stuff, like videos with Shay!