Saturday, December 4, 2010

Teen Winter Craft Night: Thursday December 9th 7-8 PM

Join us this Thursday, December 9th at 7PM for Teen Winter Craft Night. This event will run until 8 PM in the Library Constitution Room, and is open to teens living in Milwaukee County.

This year we will have three amazing crafts for you to create! Our secret craft is going to be...Marble Magnets! That's right we are going to make magnets with your favorite images for you to give away, or keep for yourself. There will also be gift boxes and bags to decorate as well as cards to make.

All supplies will be provided, however if you have small images you want to turn into magnets, please bring them. Making the magnets will require the images to be cut and glued, so don't bring any images you don't want to cut!

Whether you are looking to make something for yourself, or to give away to a friend, join us for a night of winter crafts!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who has a serious collection of book cover magnets, Harry Potter, Twilight, Golden Compass...)