Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

It's Anna's senior year, and her parents have just abandoned her. At a boarding school. IN FRANCE. Her dad, bestselling author and world-class jerk, decided she needed Culture and a Learning Experience. Paris is awesome and all, but a year? Her senior year? In Paris? Away from her little brother, Sean, her best friend Bridgette and almost-boyfriend, Toph? Sure, everyone speaks English at the School of America in Paris, but Anna is not happy.

Things start to look up when next-door neighbor Meredith offers Anna a cup of hot chocolate on her first night. The next morning at breakfast, Anna meets the rest of Meredith's crowd - Rashmi and Josh, who spend most of their time making out, and the gorgeous Etienne St. Clair. With his British accent, shaggy, dark artist musician hair, and sweet sense of humor, Anna is crazy in love from the moment she crashes into him in the hallway outside Meredith's room. There's just one problem - St. Clair already has a girlfriend. Ellie graduated last year, is going to college in Paris for photography, and is totally gorgeous. How can Anna compete?

With walking tours of Paris, Notre-Dame, delish food, art house cinema, some awesome Nicholas Sparks smackdown, and the swooniest boy since Cameron Quick and Jonah Griggs, you'll be on the next plane to France, beret in hand, after 50 pages. Light, sweet, hilarious, and soooo romantic, Anna and the French Kiss is for fans of Sarah Dessen, Sara Zarr, and Meg Cabot. Oo la la!

(who is giving in to the hype and starting I Am Number Four over dinner tonight - Alex Pettyfer trumps James Frey, right?!)