Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Review: Badd by Tim Tharp

Ceejay is badd, not to be confused with being bad. No, badd means that you are wild, crave adventure and tough. Just like her big brother Bobby, she can't wait to break free from her small town and parents and (other) siblings who just don't get her.

It's summer, and Ceejay has a job lined up with her uncle, which saves her from having to go take care of her grandmother. All that's missing is Bobby, and Ceejay has a plan that once he gets back the two of them will find a rent house, he'll work she'll finish up high school, and once she gets a job they will both start saving to move out forever.

Too bad Bobby got sent off to Iraq after a small misunderstanding (he didn't mean to steal the car, he just wanted to drive it) and no one stood up for him. Ceejay is just waiting for him to say the word that he is coming back, and she will let him know the plan.

Amid rumors that Bobby is back, and after a sighing of someone who looked like him, Ceejay is confused. Wouldn't Bobby call her to let her know? With a little bit of nosing, and knowing the right people Ceejay does find Bobby. Yes it is her brother, but he seems so different from the Bobby who left just about a year ago.

What could have been another war book is an honest look at what happens to the people who stay home, the people who should have never gone and what happens when they come back. Changing friendships, family and a little bit of romance help Ceejay figure out what happened to Bobby, and how she can maybe help him.

Fans of books like Walter Dean Myer's Fallen Angels will enjoy this story of war, and there are also parts of this book that are reminiscent of Lauren Myracle's Shine, with the small town atmosphere and mystery.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who also read Beauty Queens this weekend. Beauty Queens + Deserted Island = Win)