Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Review: Die for Me by Amy Plum

When their parents are killed in a car accident, Kate and her sister Georgia move to Paris to live with their grandparents. Even though Kate loves Paris - she and Georgia spend every summer there - her heart is still too shattered to do more than curl up in her room with her grief and her novels. When Georgia begs Kate to at least take her books outside to a cafe and get some sun, Kate reluctantly agrees.

It's sitting outside at the Cafe Sainte-Lucie that Kate first sees Vincent. Feeling eyes on her, she looks up and sees a gorgeous, black-haired boy sitting across the terrace with two of his friends who are both equally as gorgeous - and dangerous-looking. Even though she's never seen the mysterious boy before, Kate instantly feels a connection to him - and she's sure he feels it too. Still, Kate's not quite ready to interact with the outside world, so she lets him go.

Days later, Kate can't stop thinking about him, especially because she's starting seeing him everywhere. When he finally introduces himself, Kate knows she could fall in love with him so easily - if she can let herself get close. But there are some very odd things about Vincent - like his vagueness about what he does all day. He won't talk about his past. Or about the night Kate and Georgia witnessed him jumping into the River Seine to save a girl - and, even more bizarre, heard the distinct sounds of sword fighting from beneath the river bridge. And, strangest of all, when Vincent's friend Jules is killed saving a man from an oncoming train, Vincent doesn't seem to be at all upset - he's only concerned about getting a horrorstruck Kate away from the scene and avoiding the police. It's almost like he doesn't think his friend is really dead - even though Kate knows there's no way a normal human could have survived.

At first, Kate's worried that Vincent is some kind of criminal. But when Vincent reveals the astonishing truth of who and what he is, Kate must choose between risking her heart - or her life.

Dark secrets, heart-stopping romance, death-defying stunts and ancient enemies stalking the depths of the Paris underground all make Die for Me a lush, romantic read that puts a whole new spin on immortality. With an epic battle between good and evil being fought alongside Kate's struggle to choose between love and loss, you won't be able to stop turning the pages of Amy Plum's fabulous first novel!

(now reading Bumped by Megan McCafferty - sheer crazy awesomeness!)