Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Bewitching by Alex Flinn

Perhaps you've noticed the girl who sits at the back of the classroom, who looks a bit strange. People think she is weird, the way she talks about historical people like she knew them, the way she dresses in the same dress everyday, the way things tend to happen when she is there.

Meet Kendra, disguised as a normal high school student, she is really a 300 year old witch. After surviving a break out of the plague, a run in with a ginger bread house, and a number of other historical events that nearly got her burned at the stake, she's hiding out in modern day Miami, watching Emma adjust to her new sister Lisette.

Emma lives with her mother and her father. Well, he's not her real father, but he is the only father she's ever known. She's always been a daddy's girl, and is hoping that when her new sister comes the two of them can be real sisters. Enter beautiful Lisette. Emma's mother instantly hates her, and thinks she will try to take Emma's place in her father's life.

At first things could not be better. Lisette brings Emma back to her group of friends that had ditched her. Lisette wants to be sisters and friends, however slowly things start to turn. Emma's possessions go missing, only to show up on Lisette, who claims they were always hers. Emma wants to try out for a solo in choir, and who else tries out but Lisette. Emma can't put her finger on it, but for as beautiful and kind Lisette seems to be there is clearly something rotten inside. It's shortly after Halloween that Lisette shows her true colors, and Emma has to change her life.

This is where Kendra steps in. She wants to help Emma, but sometimes her "helping" gets her in trouble, like in France all those years ago. Kendra lets Emma tell her story, only giving her opinion briefly. In between the story of Emma and Lisette, Kendra tells of past events where she learned how far she can intervene in the lives of other people.

Fans of fairy tales re-told will enjoy this look at history and the present through the eyes of Kendra. You also may remember Kendra from Beastly, which comes up from time to time in Bewitching. You may never read Cinderella quite the same after reading Bewitching, and that is a good thing.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading What Boys Really Want by Pete Hautman, wishing this book was around when I was in high school!)