Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review : The Rivals by Daisy Whitney

When we first met Alex last year, she had woken up in a unfamiliar boy’s room. Throughout her junior year she faced a trial against another student for rape, and in winning, brought justice to herself, as well as the rest of the student body.

In her senior year at Themis Academy, Alex is now the head of the Mockingbirds, the not-so-secret society who works to bring justice on campus since the administration believes that Themis students are incapable of doing anything wrong. Alex desperately wants to live up to the legacy of the Mockingbirds, but at the start of the year they are given a case unlike any they have ever faced before. Someone at Themis has started a prescription drug ring, and students are using the drugs to cheat. With no hope of help from the head of administration, who are too focused on winning a national award for the school, the Mockingbirds, and Alex as their new leader, must find a way to bring justice to Themis.

But what is Alex to do with a case where there is no obvious victim? When the facts start coming in, they begin to drive a wedge between Alex and those she loves – her boyfriend, her friends, and her fellow Mockingbirds. She is put to the test and learns many things about herself that she was unaware of before.

Whitney’s second novel speaks of friendship, loyalty, duty, and where lines must be drawn. Alex grows in her relationships, as well as in her knowledge about herself.


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