Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

Best friends Colby and Bev have planning their post-graduation trip to Europe since 8th grade.  Everyone else is doing the college thing in the fall, but Colby knows that's not for him - he wants to see tulips in Amsterdam, visit his mom in Paris where she's studying French, check out all the islands in the Stolkholm Archipelago.  And he wants to see it all with Bev.

Before Colby and Bev jet off to Europe, they're off on a weeklong band tour of the Pacific Northwest in Colby's uncle's turquoise VW bus, Melinda.  Bev is the lead singer of The Disenchantments, with Meg and Alexa on guitar and drums.  They aren't very good (they actually kind of suck), but hey, they look awesome on stage.  The tour will end in Portland, where they'll drop Meg off at college.  It's gonna be awesome, and Colby's been looking forward to it forever.  Even if Bev's been really cagey and distant lately, especially when they're making Europe plans, and Colby can't figure her out.

Until, only a few hours outside of San Francisco, Bev tells Colby the truth - she got into the Rhode Island School of Design.  And that's where she's going in the fall - not to Europe.

Suddenly, Colby's whole life is a big unknown.  What is he supposed to do now?  He didn't even apply to any colleges.  Why didn't Bev tell him sooner about her college plans?  How long has she been lying to him?  And, the bigger unknown - who is he without Bev?

Nina LaCour perfectly captures a boy at the beginning of the rest of his life in this hip road trip tale of a group of friends spending their last summer together before college takes them all in different directions.  Colby has no idea what he wants to do with himself when his future is suddenly gaping open and empty without his best friend, and he's got a week to figure out who he really is.  Thankfully, he's got Meg, Alexa, and even Bev to help him figure it out.  You'll wish you had a group of friends as awesome as these guys as they drive up the coast, meeting new people, performing in strange venues, and having crazy adventures.  If you have no idea what you're doing after high school, if you know exactly what you're doing and are just waiting for the future to get started, or would just really love to take a summer road trip with your BFFs, check out The Disenchantments @the library!

(now reading Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, about a girl in 15th century France who is an assassin for Death!)