Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review: Liar's Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Celyn (also known as Digger) was glad to be back in Gerse, until she is kidnapped by some soldiers and ends up in prison with her old friend Durrel Decath. He is in prison for killing his wife, however he swears his innocence. When Celyn is quickly released from jail, and sent on her way she knows that she has been hired for a job: clear Durrel's name, and free him from prison.

Things aren't great in the city of Gerse. With warring princes, magic being suppressed and the king's army and private guards it will be hard for Celyn to nose around too much. Slowly pieces start coming together. With help from old friends she met during her time at Bryn Shaer, Celyn is able to put some of the pieces together. But questions remain, the maid swears she saw Durrel leaving his wife's chambers after an argument, right before she was found dead. Then there is Koya Koyuz, Durrel's step-daughter, even though there were rumors to something more there. Family ties are tested, broken and questioned as Celyn looks to find what really happened.

Fans of Starcrossed will be excited to read about Celyn's adventures. Liar's Moon is a wonderful mixture of fantasy, mystery and a dash of romance. Even if you haven't read Starcrossed, Liar's Moon is a great read (eventhough it might give away the awesome end of the first book!). Fans of the Hunger Games, Graceling and magical girls who take control will love Liar's Moon.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Still deciding what to read next!)