Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block

Louise Bat doesn't have a lot going for her. Her beloved father moved away from her, and now at school none of her teachers seem to like her, and a mean girl has decided to start picking on her. And she doesn't want to be called Louise anymore, she wants to be called Weetzie.

Finding her place with outsiders Bobby and Lily at school, Weetize starts to create the kind of life she wants to have with great friends and adventures around L.A. With help from an angel boy called Winter, and mysterious clues that lead her around her around the city, and hopefully closer to her dad. Mysterious, honest and full of wonder, Weetzie takes a life that is full of tragedy and makes something better for herself.

If you've never read the stories about Weetzie her friends and family, Pink Smog is a good place to start. Of course, if you've read all of Weetzie's stories, this will really appeal to you! Fans of Block will catch all the inside notes and allusions to the other books. Block shows where and when the magic of Weetize's world starts in Pink Smog, and you'll want to pick up Weetzie Bat when your are done, either for the first time or to revisit it when you finish!

I'll see you @ the library!
 Katie (Thinking about reading Witch Baby, the first book by Block that I read, way back when I was in 7th grade!)