Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Book Review: The White Glove War by Katie Crouch

This is a review of the second book in the Magnolia League series, so proceed with caution, or check out The Magnolia League and be ready to read this title when it comes out in July!

Welcome back to one of Savannah's most elusive societies. Where wealth is never questioned and everyone looks younger than they really are. Alex, Hayes and Madison are the newest Magnolias. All beautiful, well groomed and educated on how to behave in proper society. Of course behind closed doors, there's magic brewed to keep them young, rich, powerful and give them everything else they ever wanted.

Hayes is told by her grandmother to stay away from Alex, however Alex is now a sister to Hayes, even if she did put a love spell on her brother. With her charms and spells fading, Hayes is loosing a bit of control but she knows she can make it work until she visits Doc Buzzard again.

Alex is trying to be the perfect Magnolia for her grandmother. Keeping in line is a lot of work, but it will be worth it if she can just be with her mom again. In trying to be good she feels a spirit of sorts bring out the worst in her, and she knows that some sort of Hoodoo spell has been placed on her.

William Long is neither dead nor alive, yet he longs for eyes and a body to live again in. Called by magic, he knows his target, but there is another who might be much better to live through.

The White Glove Wars picks up where The Magnolia League left off. Age old grudges rise to the surface as relationships between Magnolia sisters, along with mothers, daughters and granddaughter relationships. This is a great series to start in the summer where you want to read something light fun and that will have you turning pages! Fans of Mellisa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series will enjoy this one. Magic, pretty clothes and a bit of mystery and romance you will be dying for the third book, hopefully next summer!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Looking forward to starting Insurgent the sequel to Divergent soon!)

The White Glove War will be published this July, so you have time to pick up the first book, The Magnolia League, before this one comes out! The copy reviewed is an advanced reader's copy sent from the publisher.