Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

August is about to start fifth grade. Normally, this wouldn't be a huge issue, however for Auggie, this will be the first time he is enrolled in school. Before this he was always home-schooled, but now the math is too hard for his mom to teach him and his dad thinks it's time. Oh, and Auggie has also been in and out of the hospital most of his life for surgeries to help with his face. Don't ask him to describe it, "it's worse than you're thinking".

School is not going to be easy for Auggie, but then again nothing really has been. New kids to stare at his face, new people to ask what is wrong with him and teachers to wonder what really happened. It doesn't help that he starts with a group of kids the principal asks to be his friend to make him more comfortable.

Friendships start to form, and while his face might not be "normal" Auggie is a normal kid. Of course things can't always be good, and something happens to make Auggie lose his best friend at school. It's then that other people get to tell their parts of the story, including Via (the big sister), friends from school, and some of Via's friends. Each person adds a layer to what life with Auggie is like, and how it's not always easy to be his sister or friend.

Okay, so this one is kept with the books upstairs, but I know that you will run up there for this one. (You did for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and countless others). Wonder a great story about friendship, family and being a normal kid, even if there are parts that aren't so normal. This would be a great book to read as a family, or to a younger brother or sister, and would make for an excellent book discussion.

Wonder is a wonderful book, and I would not be surprised to find this on all kinds of best of the year lists for 2012!

I'll see you @ the library!